Andrew Aspaas, CAA

To whom it may concern:

My name is Andrew Aspaas and I am the Athletic Director at Lynhurst 7th and 8th Grade Center. I have been in this position for the past 6 and half years. Previously to being the Athletic Director at Lynhurst, I was a math teacher and a coach at both Ben Davis High School and at Lynhurst. I also grew up on the corner of Cole St and Gadsden St and lived there with my parents for 23 years. So coming back to be the Athletic Director at Lynhust is somewhat of a homecoming for me.

However, what I have noticed in my time as a kid growing up in Mars Hill vs. my time as an Athletic Director is the limited amount of opportunities there are for youth to get involved in any kind of sports. This has become very clear to me, as when students try out for our athletic teams. The majority of them have never played the sport because they have not had the opportunity to do so. It is not because they do not want to play, but they have not been given the opportunity or they do not have the means to get to the place that is offering those opportunities. Many times this is the case because our families are not able to travel on a regular basis to get their kid to the north side of the district for practices and games. It would be extremely powerful if we had programs here in Mars Hill that would provide those opportunities to our children in this community.

My hope for this community is to see our children be able to have the same opportunities I had growing up as a kid. The ability to join a baseball team or a basketball team right here in their own backyard would be extremely powerful not only for the children in the community but also for the community itself.


Andrew J. Aspaas, CAA
Certified Athletic Administrator