Pastor Pete’s Statement

Born and raised in this small town I have a deep passion for the people who call Mars Hill their home. I have especially been sensitive to the youth and the hurdles they must face to make it in this neighborhood. I do not believe we could understand the obstacles unless we have lived them. The youth here in Mars Hill live on the border between two high schools so far from their high school Ben Davis that in fact some kids choose to attend Decatur out of district. They have been locked in an area with major roads and many miles separating them from success in many cases. We know in many cases the family has no transportation and lack the funds to participate in youth sports. These factors and many others have taken the purple pride of becoming a Ben Davis Giant. The question is what can I do? With your help we can build our own small youth center we can teach our kids how to play baseball, basketball, football we can help them restore their Purple Giant pride. These kids get one chance. Please support the Mars Hill Youth Center Inc. let’s prepare these kids for success by investing in them right where they are.

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